• const, let, and var. Why your linter is wrong.

    Tell me young padawan, have you ever needed to assign a variable inside an if block and realized “oh no! I can’t access this outside the block further down where I need it!”, then end up writing something like this? Of course, you tried to use const first like a good frontend dev, but realized,

  • TypeScript React Beauty in the Eye of the Handler

    Compare these two TypeScript components with their handlers. One uses function composition to produce handlers with required inline type signatures because typescript cannot infer their usage, and the other just requires repeating the same line a couple of times. Which one do you prefer? Or And my personal preference here, while I love TypeScript, is

  • Roku’s Ultimatum: Surrender Jury Trial Rights or Lose Access to Your TVs

    Roku Community Thread My TV today after switching off an airplay stream decided it’s no longer mine. I’m no longer allowed to use it. I either accept my several hundred dollar tech is unusable, or accept these egregious terms. I’ve always been a big fan of dumb TVs with an Apple TV plugged in. That

  • Does a Flash Drive Weigh More Full?

    Hypothesis before research: Yes, as current is introduced into the flash drive the electrons from the external power source are stored in various configurations such that the total mass of the flash drive is increased, even if only by me (mass of an electron) times the number of electrons required to store final state. Deep

  • D&D 5.1e SRD Published Under Creative Commons

    I am re-hosting a copy of it here because I’m so excited and it’s totally valid to do under the new license! https://www.dndbeyond.com/posts/1439-ogl-1-0a-creative-commons

  • One Person Making a Difference

    Let’s imagine that you discover the largest contributor to soil and air pollution by a factor of 10 was actually tire wear shedding microrubber into the surrounding air and leeching into the ground. Society would need that to change. But how do you do it? This example is quite useful for the fact that it’s

  • Implementing a Pipeline Operator in Ruby

    Many programming languages have the concept of a pipeline operator that looks a little like this |>. If you’re not familiar with them you’ll more than likely at least be familiar with the pipe | operator in bash for sending data between commands. There’s even a proposal to add the pipeline operator to JS. But I like writing Ruby.

  • Getting Things Done in 15 Minutes

    I’ve got the book and have been using the GTD method for 2 years now, but this will get anyone started immediately. https://hamberg.no/gtd

  • The Spoils of Society

    List of local injustices perpetrated by the US, its corporations, and institutions as I learn about them.

  • Parent’s Farm

    Some random photos of animals and our goofball dog Aela.