• Does a Flash Drive Weigh More Full?

    Hypothesis before research: Yes, as current is introduced into the flash drive the electrons from the external power source are stored in various configurations such that the total mass of the flash drive is increased, even if only by me (mass of an electron) times the number of electrons required to store final state. Deep

  • D&D 5.1e SRD Published Under Creative Commons

    I am re-hosting a copy of it here because I’m so excited and it’s totally valid to do under the new license! https://www.dndbeyond.com/posts/1439-ogl-1-0a-creative-commons

  • One Person Making a Difference

    Let’s imagine that you discover the largest contributor to soil and air pollution by a factor of 10 was actually tire wear shedding microrubber into the surrounding air and leeching into the ground. Society would need that to change. But how do you do it? This example is quite useful for the fact that it’s

  • Implementing a Pipeline Operator in Ruby

    Many programming languages have the concept of a pipeline operator that looks a little like this |>. If you’re not familiar with them you’ll more than likely at least be familiar with the pipe | operator in bash for sending data between commands. There’s even a proposal to add the pipeline operator to JS. But I like writing Ruby.

  • Getting Things Done in 15 Minutes

    I’ve got the book and have been using the GTD method for 2 years now, but this will get anyone started immediately. https://hamberg.no/gtd

  • The Spoils of Society

    List of local injustices perpetrated by the US, its corporations, and institutions as I learn about them.

  • Parent’s Farm

    Some random photos of animals and our goofball dog Aela.

  • Paul B. Johnson State Park

    This is a beautiful state park with gorgeous views in South Mississippi and just big enough sites for our 5th wheel. Google Maps

  • Austin TX

    Wonderful BBQ from Terry Black’s, beautiful hiking and biking, and just all around a great experience.

  • McKinney Falls State Park in Austin TX

    Google Maps