Roku Community Thread

My TV today after switching off an airplay stream decided it’s no longer mine. I’m no longer allowed to use it. I either accept my several hundred dollar tech is unusable, or accept these egregious terms. I’ve always been a big fan of dumb TVs with an Apple TV plugged in. That doesn’t matter for this case apparently. Even using this Roku as a host for HDMI devices is broken. What’s unacceptable is this rejection of the idea that IT IS MY GOT DAMN TELEVISION. There is no disagree button. I have the block list on my pi hole, but it could not save me from this. There you have it. A television that you OWN, is entirely defunct without giving up your right to sue, or following a likely onerous process to opt out of forced arbitration. The fact that it is legal to force waiving your rights under threat of disabling access to physical hardware you bought and paid for is a fucked up joke.