• Paul B. Johnson State Park

    This is a beautiful state park with gorgeous views in South Mississippi and just big enough sites for our 5th wheel. Google Maps

  • Austin TX

    Wonderful BBQ from Terry Black’s, beautiful hiking and biking, and just all around a great experience.

  • McKinney Falls State Park in Austin TX

    Google Maps

  • MotoGP COTA

    October 1st through the 3rd MotoGP came to the Circuit of the Americas and I was lucky enough to get to go and ride a lap around the track!

  • Videos from COTA

    Ducati Island tickets gets you a parade lap around the track if you own a ducati and I managed to be on the front row! Moto2 Free Pratice Start Tower view of Moto3 Free Practice

  • Chester Frost

    Our first real RV park for $21 a night!

  • RV Internet

    For internet I’m using a quadruple sim cellular modem called a Pepwave Max Transit Duo. It’s connected to a 4X4 MIMO LTE external antenna from Parsec called the Husky Pro. The Pepwave can run 2 SIM cards simultaneously, and bond them into a single connection using VPN like software called Speedfusion. This service is great and allows

  • Improved Dracula Theme for Neomutt

    I didn’t like the colors of the original dracula theme for mutt so I decided to tweak it a bit to give it a little more color.

  • 2021 Grand Design Momentum 395MS

    This is a companion blog post to the Five2Go tour video. I thought people might want to see photos of modifications as they were happening and various parts of the RV that aren’t normally showcased well. My RV Internet Setup Table of Contents Specs Washer/Dryer Combo We had our dealer install a Splendide WDV2200XCD before we hauled it

  • Dracula Theme for ncspot

    I pieced together this config myself to have a dracula themed command line spotify experience.