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  • Implementing a Pipeline Operator in Ruby

    Many programming languages have the concept of a pipeline operator that looks a little like this |>. If you’re not familiar with them you’ll more than likely at least be familiar with the pipe | operator in bash for sending data between commands. There’s even a proposal to add the pipeline operator to JS. But I like writing Ruby.

  • Squongo – How to build a document store in SQLite and Ruby

    Squongo is a ruby gem encapsulating WAL mode sqlite3 databases to provide an alternative to large document stores utilizing the JSON1 extension. It’s migrationless and provides the user with the ability to have many readers without locking the database while providing a save method that will simply enque on the writer process. It was born out of a

  • How to query sqlcipher encrypted databases with Ruby

    Last year I added support for building the sqlite3 ruby gem against sqlcipher allowing ruby apps to access and query sqlcipher encrypted databases. SQLCipher is simply a fork of sqlite, kept up-to-date with upstream, that provides 256 bit AES encrypted sqlite databases. It’s used heavily in mobile apps which was part of the inspiration for adding support as I wanted to be

  • Ruby rest-client Gem Hijacked

    We stand on the shoulders of giants, but the giants don’t use two factor auth.

  • I added support for SQLCipher to the sqlite3-ruby gem

    I’m just so happy this was accepted. You can now use SQLCipher with ruby when installed using –with-sqlcipher flag. You can also check whether or not the gem was compiled with SQLCipher by using the top level static method now available SQLite3::sqlcipher?