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  • const, let, and var. Why your linter is wrong.

    Tell me young padawan, have you ever needed to assign a variable inside an if block and realized “oh no! I can’t access this outside the block further down where I need it!”, then end up writing something like this? Of course, you tried to use const first like a good frontend dev, but realized,

  • Why did two lines take so long?

    As someone who’s been asked this exact question before in 2016 I feel this in my soul.

  • Introduction to Deno

    I’ve very much enjoyed all of my experiences with Deno and I’ve wanted to share that experience along with frequent questions I’ve been asked. Related: How things are (were?) Imagine if you will a TypeScript node project similar to this project skeleton I took a few hours to whip together. This skeleton has: To produce that you

  • Deno Live Coding a High Performance Web Server

    I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my time writing Deno, and I’d like to open up my development publically to help keep me accountable as well as to provide a view in to what Deno development looks like. I’ll be developing a web worker backed, radix tree based, routing + web application server with middleware support, live

  • iOS App written in straight C

    An interesting exercise in masochism, but also fun in a way. Since you can’t directly include Objective-C APIs in C the author took to straight up using the C level Objective-C runtime calls to perform message passing under the Objective-C runtime. Have a read through the code for yourself to see how it’s done.

  • How to link against macOS frameworks in C

    It took me several minutes of google the title in various ways before I stumbled upon a way to add frameworks to a C/C++/ObjC application compiling on the command line with clang. The magic flag you want is -framework CoreFoundation (replace CoreFoundation with whatever framework you want). Not -lCoreFoundation That is all.

  • Tools for macOS

    This is my list of tools and utilities for macOS. Will stay continually updated. Free Paid

  • I added support for SQLCipher to the sqlite3-ruby gem

    I’m just so happy this was accepted. You can now use SQLCipher with ruby when installed using –with-sqlcipher flag. You can also check whether or not the gem was compiled with SQLCipher by using the top level static method now available SQLite3::sqlcipher?

  • Writing Hello World in Web Assembly

    Before we get into the details we’re going to define some terminology. Web Assembly was recently decided to be a finished MVP including a JavaScript API and binary format accompanied by a reference interpreter. Web Assembly is written in an s-expression syntax (wast) and then needs to be translated down to binary encoded wasm. Below is a