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  • Getting Things Done in 15 Minutes

    I’ve got the book and have been using the GTD method for 2 years now, but this will get anyone started immediately.

  • Difference between GP Bikes and Street Bikes

    Great write up on the manufacturing differences, rules, and regulations around WSBK, MotoGP, and high end machines available for purchase.

  • Why did two lines take so long?

    As someone who’s been asked this exact question before in 2016 I feel this in my soul.

  • Buy your own Boston Dynamics SPOT Dog

    I’ve always wanted one of these and now for the low low price of $75k we can all have one!

  • How to organize your digital life – The Johnny Decimal System

    The Johnny Decimal system is a great way to organize your digital life paired with the Getting Things Done Method for written notes.

  • SRA statement on the murder of George Floyd

    Proud to be a part of the SRA and the statement they put out.

  • Callsign Query Tools

    Amateur Extra Query Tools is a great website for querying the state of callsigns in any way you might want. For instance looking for upcoming expiring 1×2 callsigns.

  • Monodraw type VSCode Extension

    AsciiFlow2 is a really awesome tool that embed an ascii monodraw style editor inside VSCode.

  • iOS App written in straight C

    An interesting exercise in masochism, but also fun in a way. Since you can’t directly include Objective-C APIs in C the author took to straight up using the C level Objective-C runtime calls to perform message passing under the Objective-C runtime. Have a read through the code for yourself to see how it’s done.

  • Meltdown Spectre JavaScript Exploit Example

    Proof of concept possible on every kernel running on intel CPUs that don’t have mitigations in place.