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  • Ruby rest-client Gem Hijacked

    We stand on the shoulders of giants, but the giants don’t use two factor auth.

  • Are more expensive helmets safer?

    Surprisingly there’s not too much correlation between price and safety though you should clearly not just buy the cheapest thing on Amazon.

  • Google Uses IRC for Incident Response

    Thought it was very interesting that in case of extreme reliability Google turns to my favorite chat communication tool pre Telegram.

  • Alexander Shulgin: The Godfather of Psychedelics

    Alexander Shulgin had a license from the DEA to produce any schedule 1 substance, and managed to discover over 200 psychoactive compounds before his license was revoked. He was (and still is) the first private citizen to ever be granted a license like this from the DEA, generally they are reserved for pharmaceutical companies.

  • What OSS Maintainers Owe You

    I’ve been seeing lots of blame for the latest JS/NPM fiasco thrown at the original author, and I’d just like us to take a moment to read this post from one of the creators of Clojure; as well as this quote by Dave Thomas when he was at Gig City Elixir in my town of Chattanooga TN. In OSS,

  • Ken Thompson Hack

    Every few months/years I remember this happened and it scares the hell out of me.

  • Crooks install skimmer on POS in 2 seconds

    Wow. I knew skimmers could be installed fast but this shows just how easy it is.

  • Death Breaches PayPal’s Terms

    Other breaking news: Suicide is illegal and punishable by death! Ok, hyperbole… but still, we should honestly get a grip on the extent of our automated email.

  • TopicBox

    From the creators of Fastmail, who I love and pay to host my email. I honestly don’t know what to think of this. Is it slack but for email, or email for slack, but isn’t slack supposed to help alleviate the need for email?

  • I added support for SQLCipher to the sqlite3-ruby gem

    I’m just so happy this was accepted. You can now use SQLCipher with ruby when installed using –with-sqlcipher flag. You can also check whether or not the gem was compiled with SQLCipher by using the top level static method now available SQLite3::sqlcipher?