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  • Padded Jittering Data Link

    And here’s some discussion by the inventor about the protocol on Hacker News.

  • iOS App written in straight C

    An interesting exercise in masochism, but also fun in a way. Since you can’t directly include Objective-C APIs in C the author took to straight up using the C level Objective-C runtime calls to perform message passing under the Objective-C runtime. Have a read through the code for yourself to see how it’s done.

  • How to link against macOS frameworks in C

    It took me several minutes of google the title in various ways before I stumbled upon a way to add frameworks to a C/C++/ObjC application compiling on the command line with clang. The magic flag you want is -framework CoreFoundation (replace CoreFoundation with whatever framework you want). Not -lCoreFoundation That is all.

  • Meltdown Spectre JavaScript Exploit Example

    Proof of concept possible on every kernel running on intel CPUs that don’t have mitigations in place.