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  • const, let, and var. Why your linter is wrong.

    Tell me young padawan, have you ever needed to assign a variable inside an if block and realized “oh no! I can’t access this outside the block further down where I need it!”, then end up writing something like this? Of course, you tried to use const first like a good frontend dev, but realized,

  • TypeScript React Beauty in the Eye of the Handler

    Compare these two TypeScript components with their handlers. One uses function composition to produce handlers with required inline type signatures because typescript cannot infer their usage, and the other just requires repeating the same line a couple of times. Which one do you prefer? Or And my personal preference here, while I love TypeScript, is

  • Toolless Frontend Starter

    I was so sick of needing so many dependencies, build tools, and various things to simply have a frontend project with JavaScript code. Looking at the landscape of supported technologies in current browsers and realized you can use CSS variables, ES Modules, and even change light/dark styles based on the user’s operating system theme preferences