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  • Introduction to Deno

    I’ve very much enjoyed all of my experiences with Deno and I’ve wanted to share that experience along with frequent questions I’ve been asked. Related: How things are (were?) Imagine if you will a TypeScript node project similar to this project skeleton I took a few hours to whip together. This skeleton has: To produce that you

  • Deno Live Coding a High Performance Web Server

    I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my time writing Deno, and I’d like to open up my development publically to help keep me accountable as well as to provide a view in to what Deno development looks like. I’ll be developing a web worker backed, radix tree based, routing + web application server with middleware support, live

  • Squongo – How to build a document store in SQLite and Ruby

    Squongo is a ruby gem encapsulating WAL mode sqlite3 databases to provide an alternative to large document stores utilizing the JSON1 extension. It’s migrationless and provides the user with the ability to have many readers without locking the database while providing a save method that will simply enque on the writer process. It was born out of a

  • What OSS Consumers Owe You

    TL;DR at the bottom There’s been a lot of fuss about in the dev community about the “funding experiment” and I figured I’d toss in my 2 cents. There were some comments about consumers who don’t contribute back to OSS with money or time, and that “No one cool was upset” by this experiment. I was upset,

  • What OSS Maintainers Owe You

    I’ve been seeing lots of blame for the latest JS/NPM fiasco thrown at the original author, and I’d just like us to take a moment to read this post from one of the creators of Clojure; as well as this quote by Dave Thomas when he was at Gig City Elixir in my town of Chattanooga TN. In OSS,